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Ecochillers air cooled chillers amp water cooled chillers scroll semihermetic and screwChillers 1 to 3000 ton air cooled and water cooled with the maximum efficiency available in different modelsSpecialists in low temperature Chillers 32176F down to 56176F R410A medium temp R404A low temp.

Representative will be happy to work with you to customize a water or air cooled chiller to best fit your requirements.

Ascend174 AirCooled Chiller with Integrated Free CoolingAt a Glance Capacity Range 150 to 550 tonsCompressor Design Helical rotary screwEnergy Efficiency Rating EER IPLV 19Enabled by Symbio 800 unit controllerIntegrated Freecooling option.

Chiller amp Cooling Tower Technology Win Big at 2022 AHR ExpoBy Bill Smith Chiller amp Cooling Best Practices MagazineThe 2022 AHR Expo cosponsored by ASHRAE and AHRI was held Jan2 at the Las Vegas Convention CenterA total of 1573 exhibitors 281 international spread out over 440000 squarefeet and 80 free sessions in.

Chiller manufacturers such as Carrier Trane Johnson Controls Daikin and others widely use Smart Cooling™ technology and products to boost chiller capacity reduce electricity consumption and improve energy efficiencySmart Cooling™ is built from the highestgrade materials and is the safest adiabatic technology available in the market.

Chiller Technology is a mechanical HVAC and refrigeration contractor providing unmatched technical expertise and customer service for New England’s most demanding facilities.

Ecogreen174 Ecochillers Chillers amp Cooling Systems.

Chiller Technology is a mechanical HVAC and refrigeration contractor providing unmatched technical expertise and customer service for New England’s most demanding facilitiesMechanical Services mechanical contracting and service for all your custom comfort and process cooling and heating needsPreventative Maintenance number one.

Chillers are an essential component in many building Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning HVAC systemsThey provide cooling to the building by working in tandem with pumps and cooling towers in a watercooled chiller plantBecause of the chiller’s complexity and its role in cooling facilities it is arguably the most important piece.

Components of a Water Cooled Chiller amp Air Cooled ChillerThe components of water cooled chillers and air cooled chillers are very similarnbsp Each product contains an evaporator condenser compressor and an expansion valvenbsp The primary difference is whether air or water is used to provide the condenser cooling.

Cooling Technology offers evaporative condensed chillers from 15 to 200 tons and can select a system best suited for the specific applicationPrinciple of Cooling by Evaporation Evaporation has long been used to transfer heat to the atmosphereOur own bodies benefit from this cooling effect when we sweat.

Evaporators in Industrial ChillersShell amp Tube Evaporatorsnbsp Typically configured with the refrigerant flowing through the tube side and the process fluid through the shell side of the unitnbsp Tube construction can be copper cupronickel or stainless steelnbsp Shell construction can be cast iron brass cupronickel or stainless steelnbsp This style of evaporator has lower pressure drops than Brazed Plate technology and is available up to 500 tons in standard construction.

Hyperchill Plus Industrial Water Chiller for Precision Cooling of Low Viscosity Industrial Cooling FluidsChillers designed to provide precise and accurate temperature control for a wide variety of industrial applications with cooling capacities from 1.

Industrial AC or DC air conditioner IVD Chiller DBS Cooling TechnologiesTel 8651263872088 infodbsindustryClimate Unit for cabinet coolingAir Conditioner for severe unique areasTelecom Cabinet amp Enclosures.

Jul 31 2020nbsp018332DirecttoChip Cooling Liquid Cooling This cooling technology uses liquid fed through small pipes to deliver the coolant flow directly to a cold plate sitting on top of a server’s chipsThe extracted heat is then fed into a chilledwater loop and carried away to a facility’s chiller plant for cooling.


Operating a data center is energyintensive and often the cooling technologies use as much or more energy as the computers it supportsHowever with a welldesigned and operated cooling system it is possible that the cooling system will use a fraction of the energy used by the IT equipmentThe ratio of power to cooling in the data center is known as the PUE Power Usage Effectiveness.

Cooling Technology Water Cooled Chillers amp Air Cooled Chillers.

Our ideal cycle has experienced a pressure drop in the thermostatic expansion valvenbsp Subcooling or superheat cannot exist where there is a mixture of liquid and vapornbsp Therefore any place in the system where the refrigerant exists in two states it will be at the saturation temperature for its pressure.

The core principle of chiller boosting Smart Cooling™ technology is the adiabatic cooling processThe adiabatic system lowers the temperature of the air entering the cooling unit by spraying fine mist in the airThe substantial cooling effect is achieved by the energy exchange during the evaporation process.

Chillers Trane.

Principle of Cooling by EvaporationEvaporation has long been used to transfer heat to the atmosphereOur own bodies benefit from this cooling effect when we sweatnbsp For each pound of water that evaporates it removes somewhere near 1000BTU8217s from the water that remainsThe more evaporation that takes place the more heat that is removed.

Energy savings up to 30 • Synchronized cooling The units are activated automatically only when needed achieving significant energy savings• Intelligent use of chilled water The integrated chillers will operate only where and when it is needed.

Technology Chiller amp Cooling Best Practices.

Some of the liquid refrigerant is required to boil as a means of removing the heat necessary to achieve this lower temperaturenbsp Yet another heat transfer process which yields a lower liquid temperaturenbsp The liquid that is sacrificed in the boiling process explains the increase in refrigerant qualitynbsp The greater the difference between the liquid temperature and evaporator temperature the more liquid will have to be boiled in order to achieve the new saturation temperaturenbsp This results in an even higher refrigerant quality.

The amount of evaporation that can take place is determined by the amount of moisture already in the airnbsp This 8220wet bulb8221 temperature can be measured using a sling psychometernbsp The lower the wet bulb the drier the air the more moisture it will accept and the more heat a given evaporative condenser is capable of rejecting.

The methods for producing cold utilizing heat source are called thermally activated cooling.

The refrigerant is in the liquid state now and at a high pressure and temperaturenbsp It must undergo one more change before it becomes a useful heat transfer medium a reduction in temperaturenbsp This is accomplished by reducing the pressurenbsp You can count on the refrigerant8217s pressure 8211 temperature relationship to be an infallible lawnbsp If the pressure of a saturated liquid is reduced the law governing its existence requires it to assume the saturation temperature at the new pressure.

The solution industrial chillersAn industrial process chiller or refrigeration unit or chiller uses the compression and mechanical expansion of a refrigerant gas the aim is to bring the process fluid eWater or water plus glycol below zero degrees well below room temperatureA chiller or compression chiller is equipped with several.

To achieve this it is required to remove heat produced by IT equipment and transfer that heat to a heat sinkIn most data centers the cooling system has to operate continuously and reliablyDifferent data center tiers require different levels of cooling and redundancy to the cooling capacity.

Smartcooling technology.

To see our standardized products please click herenbspnbsp A Cooling Technology IncRepresentative will be happy to work with you to customize a water or air cooled chiller to best fit your requirements.

Trigeneration or CCHP Combined Cooling Heating and Power is the simultaneous production of mechanical power electricity heating andor cooling from one primary fuel and is an extension of CHP Combined Heat and Power also defined as cogeneration by coupling with thermally activated cooling technologies.

We become A member of COOLING TECHNOLOGIES INSTITUTEMuhammad AlShehri Group Industrial Cooling Division has finalized a agreement with VOLGA COOLING TECHNOLOGIES USA to become sole agent for its products in Saudi Arabia the GCC Countries Iraq Jordan and TurkeyOur Certificate ISO 9001 2015.

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