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Fog Chiller Styrofoam Cooler

The ultimate budget 820 fog chiller dry ice cooler box.

quotUltralow price Easy Fog Chillerquot does not generate a large amount of contact time between fog and cold resulting in less refrigerationI think a large part of the fog just simply blows clean and the second design that forces the fog to sink is betterThe 10 fog cooler blows the fog directly to the wall of the cooler box which is not good.

nbsp The fog needs to stay close to the ground and look like it8217s rolling around between the gravestones.

How long does dry ice last in Styrofoam cooler.

A fog chiller cools down fog from a fog machine so that it stays low to the groundI had everything I needed already you probably do alsoAdd Tip Ask Question Comment Download.

Super Cheap and Easy Fog Chiller 7 Steps with Pictures.

A Fog Chiller cools down the fog coming out so it stays close to the groundBuy your supplies You will need to have these items Fog Machine and fog fluid2 4 inch 90s and a length of 4 inch ventilation duct2 small pieces of wire screen and 2 4 inch hose clamps.

And that8217s definitely not adding the spooky rolling fog effect you want for your Halloween graveyard.

Aug 25 2006nbsp018332Keep your fogger at a distance from the foam cooler as the heat from the unit AND the fog can melt the styro coolerTry using about 1 foot of 1 12 quot PVC if you can scrounge some up as a way to direct your fog into the chillerAlso be sure you put the salted ice all around your dryer vent start with a layer of ice tubing then more icesalt.

Before we get to the lowlying fog tutorial here8217s my list of what I want to accomplish with my low lying fog setup.

Every year I decorate my yard for Halloween with lots of outdoor Halloween lighting and a Halloween graveyard.

This was one of the very first projects that I ever made to use in a hauntThere are hundreds of different ways that this effect can be achieved and different effects that it can makeThis is pretty straight forward in its design and function.

For our container we used a plastic storage bin with a lid that we had around the houseYou could also use a bucket or a tupperware container basically anything that has a lid and is made of plastic.

For the outer coil I did the same using 50 feet of 38 inch copper and a 3 inch scrap piece of PVC.

Fog Chiller With Cooler.

Jul 17 2007nbsp018332Note for creeping lowerlying fog use a Hefty trash bag on the chiller outletExperiment with the size you cut it down toNote that anything corrugated like a dryer duct will create a wavy effect to the fogPacking a tube with frozen water bottles is not necessary and will in fact slow down the fog output.

Materials Needed  All items can be purchased at the local hardware storeThe copper and the pump is the expensive stuff The rest is cheap.

Coolerdryer duct fog chiller Haunt Forum.

May 21 2014 Simple fog chiller that i made i was very tried when i created this video and i am aware that verbiage i was using when describing the setup is not 100 acc.

Oct 06 2017nbsp018332PLANTER INSTRUCTIONSThis project is best done outsideTake a bread knife and remove any lip on the edge and the sharp square looking edgesUsing that same bread knife rough up the outside of the coolerUse a heat gun to harden the outside of the StyrofoamDo NOT keep the gun on the foam very longjust wave it around.

Oct 15 2014nbsp018332Most homemade fog chillers use a drink cooler and PVC tubing but that design doesn’t keep the fog in the holding area long enough to chill it properlyOur fog chiller is very easy to build and does a great job of cooling the fogCut 2 holes in the trash can on opposite sides with the hole saw or knife.

Oct 29 2010nbsp018332You my friend require the Ultimate Fog ChillerIn this clip from the folks at MAKE youll learn how to build one you can call your own in about an hours timeFor detailed stepbystep instructions and to get started building your own spooky fog machine watch this video guideKeep Your Connection Secure Without a Monthly Bill.

Please note all dimensions shown for all boxes are internal dimensionsSome of these boxes may be shipped under dimensional weightIf you have any questions regarding our products or If you do not see the products you need please contact us.

Read on to find out how to make low lying fog that will make your Halloween yard haunt a spooky place to be.

Amazoncom fog chiller.

Read reviews and buy Coleman Stacker Chiller 34qt Cooler Fog at TargetChoose from Same Day Delivery Drive Up or Order Pickup.

Rubbermaid Victory 48 Quart Hard Sided Cooler RedInsulated Shippers 40 Lb Styrofoam Fish BoxInsulated Shippers 40 Lb Styrofoam Fish BoxColeman 150 Qt Hard Sided Cooler 45 in Blue Nights.

Since we know that hot air rises up and cold air sinks down normally fog from a fog machine will rise up and spread out since its hot when it comes out of the machineWe want it to be cold and sink down so we pump the fog into a container filled with iceThe fog goes into the container towards the top and then has to sink down through the cold ice to come out of the bottomThis chilling effect makes the fog super cold so when it comes out it stays low to the ground.

Step by step instructions for how to make Halloween graveyard fog that stays low to the ground using only an inexpensive fog machine and a few construction supplies.

The beauty of this design is that you can blast hot fog through your new creation all day.

The Cold Fusion is an effective way to increase fog and works well for small cemetery scenes enclosed areas and home partiesHandles foggers up to 10000CFM and carries enough ice to create up to 7 cubic miles of real fogCustomize Vortex Fog Chiller Cold Fusion With No Fog Machine.

This design uses 2 hand made soft copper coils that get placed inside a stovepipe black tube in pictureThe coils are connected via plastic tubing to a water pump that is placed in an ice chest full of water and iceThe cold water is pumped through the tubes and returns to the ice chest where the ice chills the water again.

This is a REALLY SIMPLE AND FUN project that only takes 12 hours to make and can usually be made with materials you probably already have around the house.

This temperature controlled insulated foam cooler may be used for shipping or storing materials that must be kept cold during transportationGreat for shipping medical specimens produce and all sorts of perishablesEach of the foam coolers come with lids and a strong outer fiberboard box for protection.

To build the inner coil I took 25 feet of 14 inch soft copper tubing and bent it around a inch and a half scrap piece of PVC pipeThe soft copper bends well enough that it is easy to coil it around the pipeAs you can see I had a little left over.

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