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Modeling Heat Transfer In The Mantle

What is the method of heat transfer in the mantle Answers.

Apr 01 2010nbsp018332Best AnswerHeat is transferred in the mantle predominantly by convection and to a much more limited extent by conduction.

Apr 01 2010nbsp018332The Earths mantle has convection currents because the heat of the core acts similarly to the light bulb in our lava lampThe cores heat energy is transferred to the mantle causing it to rise.

For modern mantle convection modeling studies.

I Heat Production and Heat Transfer in the MantleThe process of mantle convection can be regarded as a thermal engine on a planetary scale which transports heat from the earths deep interior to the surfaceThe rate at which the solid earth evolves is dictated by the rate at which this heat transport occurs.

In the mantle Nu ≃ 20–30 so that because of mantle convection the earths interior looses heat 20–30 times faster than it would if conduction were the primary heat transfer mechanismThe variation of conductive heat flow over earths surface and the pattern of plate motions provide information on the planform of mantle convection.

May 29 2020 In Earths mantle large amounts of heat are transferred by convection currents as shown in Figure 10Heat from the core and the mantle itself causes convection currents in the mantleThe hot rock eventually cools and sinks back through the mantleOver and over the cycle of rising and sinking takes place.

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The term convection is often used to describe heat transfer that occurs between an object and a fluid flowing across itConvection is in essence a type of conductionIn convection heat is transported mostly by the movement of material rather than by conductionConvection in the Earths mantle is the transport of heat by motion of the mantle.

This paper investigates heat transfer in vertical mantle heat exchangers for application in low flow solar domestic hot water systemsTwo new heat transfer correlations for vertical mantle heat exchangers with top entry port and bottom exit ports are developedThe correlations are based on computational fluid dynamic modelling of whole vertical mantle tanks.

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