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Magnetic Stirrer Accessories

Stirrer Accessories Thermo Fisher Scientific.

A variety of accessories designed to supplement benchtop stirrers and laboratory stirring applicationsProducts can be used with various stirrer models and include removable controllers heating bath mounts and replacement parts.

Aspects such as safety convenience and cost savings have been considerably taken into account during the development of the stirrersThis is reflected in various unique product advantages of our lab hot platesThe KeraDisk hot plates allow for immediate heat transfer resulting in quick heat up times and chemically resistant surface.

Magnetic Stirrer Accessories Fisher Scientific.

Choose between different models of our hot plate magnetic stirrers MR HeiStandard MR HeiTec MR HeiEndRegardless of your application 8211 our stirring hot plates will guarantee gentle stirring in biology and microbiology applications.

Compatible with MST Digital Microstirrer AGE Multistirrer Digital ATE AMI AMI4 ESP Magnetic stir bar 216 6x20 mm A00001057 • • • •• •Magnetic.

51 Stainless steel sensor glasscoated H 99 Protective cover For RET series and RCT basic s3378500 included with the magnetic stirrerResistant to most acids alkaline solutions and organic solvents.

Magnetic Stirrer Accessories Corning.

Hanna Instruments HI190M1 Magnetic Stirrer is a lowprofile magnetic stir plate built to maximize bench space for efficiency amp safetyAdd your reagents or accessories now to save time and money later Add to CartHI76405 Electrode Holder with Steel Base 102HI731319 Magnetic Stir Bars 10 62.

Heidolph magnetic stirrers are traditionally among the daily lab helpersWhether in research laboratories in major industries or at universities everywhere titration synthesis or extraction is carried out with the need for the highest precisionMany users count on Heidolphs reliable and durable quality Made in Germany.

In addition we offer you a range of necessary accessories as a system solution for pure stirring tasks magnetic stirring bars for precise temperature control temperature sensor Pt1000 for replacing oil baths HeatOn for parallel reactions StarFish or for revolutionizing Reflux Reactions Findenser™.

Magnetic Stirrer Accessories Archive SCO Tech.

In particular the magnetic stirrer models with heating function impress with a sealed refractory aluminium diecast housing and a unique KeraDisk plate that combines the advantages of aluminium and ceramicEach model also has its specific functionalities for your individual needs from the analogue magnetic stirrer MixnHeat Core model to the sophisticated model with timer function and various interfaces HeiConnect model you will quickly find the Heidolph magnetic stirrer that suits you.

Stirrer Accessories Fisher Scientific.

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Magnetic Stirrer Accessories Archive SCO Tech Category Magnetic Stirrer Accessories The SCO Tech Magnetic stirrer is suitable for routine laboratory operation with new stirring technology.

Corning 174 1 x 38 Inch PTFECoated Magnetic Stir BarCorning 174 2 x 38 Inch PTFECoated Magnetic Stir Bar.

Our magnetic stirrers are designed with various rpm ranges with single or multipoints to meet all laboratory needsOur portfolio includes stirrers with reliable and accurate speed control for general lab use and also unique stirrers that can be submerged in water baths used in CO2 incubators or featuring slow speeds for cell culture.

SCILOGEX Stirring Bar Remover PTFE coated 12inches L x 12inches WSCILOGEX Magnetic Stirring Bar PTFE coated round with pivot ring 75 x 12mmSCILOGEX Magnetic Stirring Bar PTFE coated round with pivot ring 51 x 9.

VELP Magnetic Stirrer Accessories Stirrersnet.

Scitek provides effective and efficient magnetic stirrers and accessoriesThe Heidolph magnetic stirrers of the MRseries are perfectly suitable for smooth to intense mixing and heating of lowviscosity fluidsThe Heidolph hot plate stirrer is your first choice for decomposing organic and inorganic substances.

Stirrer Accessories A variety of accessories designed to supplement benchtop stirrers and laboratory stirring applicationsProducts can be used with various stirrer models and include removable controllers heating bath mounts and replacement parts.

The Metrohm 801 Stirrer system is a magnetic stirrer driveThe drive unit connects through the Metrohm Serial Bus MSB to a Metrohm USB Sample processor or a 846 Dosing interfaceThis stirrer is directly controlled by the NOVA softwareAn application note illustrating the use of this device is available here.

The optional uMix magnetic stirrer provides an extra degree of flexibility for methodsStirring the sample before or during the measurement with the uMix allows higher reproducibility of your results.

The sealed housing protects your magnetic stirrer from aggressive fumes liquids and vapors to prevent internal corrosionThe extended heating capacity of 800 W of our lab mixer reduces heat up times by 35 compared to other lab mixers at 600 W.

Whether with or without a heating function all of our magnetic stirrers have one thing in common a gentle yet powerful stirring function that makes it possible to mix up to 20 liters of lowviscosity media.

Yes – the HeiPLATE Mix ’n’ Heat Core can be upgraded with any existing EKT HeiCon external temperature sensor from Heidolph.

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