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Rotary Atomizer Spray Dryer Design Ideas

BETE Spray Technology Spray Dry Manual.

The products obtained are powdery or granular particles with uniform particle size good fluidity and favorable solubility.

1 SAFE HANDLING OF WAGNER SPRAY DEVICES 23 CLEANING The spray jet is under pressure and can cause dangerous injuriesAvoid injection of paint or cleaning agents Never point the highspeed rotary atomizer at peopleNever reach into the spray jet.

The operation of this machine is simple and stableIt is also convenient to control the equipment and make the operation automaticThe particle size bulk density and moisture content of the product can be adjusted within a certain range.

Bottom of the atomizer and exposed to the spray chamberThe particles of slurry exit the atomizer disc radially through the 48 slots milled along the disc’s perimeterAn air distributor sends hot air approximately 780oF415oC into the atomizer chamber to quickly dry the slurry droplets exiting from the atomizer disc.

Calnetix engineers experienced several challenges imposed on the bearing system by the atomizing processThere were large highlydynamic rotor imbalances and quasiperiodic external radial impulses on the magnetic bearingsA novel impulse detection and recovery system was introduced to alleviate the effects of external impulses and additionally several design changes were systematically implemented to mitigate the effects of the unusual rotor imbalancesThese changes were successful in improving the operability and reliability of the machine.

Customers can engineer larger spray drying operations for bulk and fine products with the GEA Rotary Atomizer F100 with a feed rate range from 420 thThis longproven and recognized upgrade for spray dryers has a wheel of 210 mm diameter several wheel types can also be selected depending on customer’s needs.

Highspeed rotary atomizers Wagner WSI.

Based dryer and evaporator systems manufacturer approached Calnetix to design an atomizer system to eliminate costly gear drives belts conventional bearings and lubrication systems.

Rotary atomizers use a high speed Upto 18000 RPMrotating disk cup or wheel to discharge liquid at high speed to the perimeter forming a hollow cone sprayThe rotational speed controls the drop sizeSpray drying and spray painting are the most important and common uses of this technology.

For water solvents an opencycle system where atmospheric air is used is generally selectedFor flammable solvents as well as oxygensensitive materials a closedcycle system where an inert gas enitrogen is used is normally selectedIf required an open cycle system for flammable organic solvents such as ethanol can be selectedAs a safety measure the spray dryer is controlled at below 25 of the lower explosion limit of the gas concentrationThe evaporated solvent is discharged after the catalyst or the heating decomposition process.

GEA Rotary Atomizer F100 for highcapacity spray dryers.

KomlineSanderson8217s variablespeed Rotary Atomizers represent a dependable approach to atomization and spray dryingThe compact rugged directdrive highspeed motor utilizing only a few parts in one rotating assembly no gear pulley gearbox or coupling reduces the need for traditional mechanical maintenanceHigh quality oilmist lubricated precision bearings ABEC7 of ceramicball design provide maximum reliability for flue gas desulfurization or spray drying applications.

RA20 Rotary Atomizer Excellent spraypattern controlThe RA20 rotary atomizer uses vector air to control pattern shaping rather than by shaping air from the cupElimination of shapingair holes that can plug with paint reduces rejects and speeds maintenance and cleaningIn addition different cup sizes can be easily changed to meet spray.


Rotary atomizers Atomization by centrifugal energy Rotary atomizer uses the energy of a high speedrotating wheel to divide bulk liquid into dropletsCountercurrent flow dryer In this dryer design the spray and the air are introduced at opposite ends of the dryer with the atomizer positioned at the top and the air entering at the.

SPRAY DRYER REACTOR SPRAY CONGEALING P10 P22 P25 P16 P27 P26 Spray drying starts with the atomization of a liquid feedstock into a spray of dropletsThe droplets make contact with hot air in a drying chamber evaporate and form particlesOr other gas which conveys it through a drying duct where high heat and mass transfer rates rapidly dry.

Dederts new range of spray dryers built around the innovative patented high speed rotary atomizer adds to its expansive portfolio of leading evaporation and drying technologies and enhances Dederts reputation for quality and performance.

The collagen high pressure spray dryer uses a pressurized atomizer to atomize the solution or the slurry material into fine droplets with the pressure produced by the pressure pump which significantly increases the surface area of the materialAfter the sufficient heat exchange with the hot air the material can be dried rapidly between ten seconds and a hundred seconds so that the products can be powdery or fine particles.

The GEA Rotary Atomizer F01A with feed rate ranges from 110 kgh is the ideal upgrade for spray dryers processing small quantities of solutions suspensions or emulsionsMore than 2000 supplied units around the world demonstrate the explicite benefit for universities research centers and specialist powder production facilitiesThe atomizer wheel is about 50 mm diameter depending on feed type application and required capacity a wide range of atomizer wheel types can be selected – channel type nozzle or pinwheel type for nonabrasive feeds or insert type for abrasive feeds.

The GEA Rotary Atomizer F160 for larger spray drying operations for expanded production processes allows feed rate ranges from 530thIt operates with either a channeltype for nonabrasive feeds or an inserttype for abrasive feeds wheel of 210 240 and 320 mm diameter.

The process of spray drying produces stable spherical granules and a sharp particle distribution.

We always set the quality of our Atomizer Spray Dryer Lithium Iron Phosphate Dryer Fluid Bed Drying Equipment as the foundation of our company and make a commitment to the whole societyWe rely on product quality product costeffectiveness and corporate reputation to attract customersWe adhere to the business philosophy of technological innovation and forge ahead.

We design and manufacture Rotary Atomizer and CIP rotating Spray Nozzles for your Spray Dryer Spray adsorber Bag filters Vessels Ducts Cyclone systems.

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